May 25, 2007

WFDY Condems Iraq War

World Federation of Democratic YouthCondemns War in IraqStatement on the 4th Anniversary of the Occupation of IraqThe World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) strongly condemns the Anglo–American force and their allies for occupying Iraq and for systematically carrying out crimes against innocent Iraqi people and calls upon the international community to express their condemnation against the occupation and to put an end to the occupation of Iraq. As all of you know in the name of development of weapons of mass destruction and fighting terrorism, the US-administration and its allies had launched war against the people of Iraq despite the absence of a UN resolution and growing opposition to any war by the people of the world. After tow years of the beginning of the war in Iraq, the occupation forces led by US-administration haven’t discovered any of this kind of weapons and proved any link to the terrorist organizations, which is soured and showed the intention of Imperialist forces led by USA to expand markets, win more profits, dominate the natural resources as oil, control the most important geo-strategic areas and eliminate any focus of resistance of the people.WFDY still believes that, the continuation of military occupation in Iraq led by USA and its allies could only bring more misery, suffering,further death and destruction for the Iraqi people. WFDY expresses itssupport and solidarity with the people of Iraq, welcomes the resistance for the right cause of having their own independent Iraqi state.“We are calling for an end the occupation of Iraq”Therefore, WFDY would like to request all members, friendly organizationsand all progressive and peace-loving forces to come forward and raise theirvoice by organizing protest demonstrations, manifestations, and otherpossible anti-war mobilization in the coming days.World Federation of Democratic Youth WFDY-HQ2007/03/19

YCL-LJC Representative in Venezuela

The Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) held its 14th Congress in Venezuela under the slogan "Women of the World - A vital force against neo-liberal globalization, terrorism and imperialist wars - For Equality, Economic and Social Justice and Peace" in April. A Comrade from the Central Executive Committee of the YCL attended as an observer to the event, with a invitation and round-trip paid by the Communist Youth of Venezuela.

Seeing red as a way to change the world

One week before our convention and the YCL has scored a front page photo and postive article in the Life section of the Toronto Star, English-Canada's largest circulating national newspaper.

Congratulations to our comrades in Toronto!

YCL-LJC Convention a success!

In a large meeting room draped with red banners and flags, Communist youth gathered from across the country in Toronto March 23-25 to discuss, debate, and re-found Canada's oldest socialist youth organization: the Young Communist League of Canada - la Ligue de la Jeunesse Communiste. The assembly, which marked the 24th convention of the YCL-LJC, was attended by close to forty guests and delegates.


Bring the Thunder of May Day Home! Three Lessons and Three Demands for May Day 2007

Millions of people around world are marching today, waving red flags, thundering for peace and solidarity, and condemning capitalisms attack on the working people.

These demands are not a distant thunder for the youth of Canada. Capitalism is unable to provide social well-being also for the young workers and students Canada.

Youth wages put us well below the poverty-line in every part of the country. Housing costs detain youth with their parents. Student debt is growing. Youth unionization levels are forced down. Youth work is often dangerous or deadly.

We must bring the thunder of May Day home! May Day was born in the struggle of workers here in North America, with the revolt of the Chicago textile workers on May 1 st, 1886. They were striking to win the eight-hour day. What are the lesions of May Day for youth today as we also fight for better work and better wages?

Three lessons of May Day:1. Anti-racist solidarity. The Chicago textile workers' struggle for an eight hour work day that was also an important anti-racist struggle.

If slavery and the super-exploitation of African American working people had not been defeated in the southern US, workers in the north could not win the eight hour day. Therefore the workers had opposed slavery. Today, youth of colour and aboriginal youth in Canada have crisis-levels of unemployment and poverty. Racism and national oppression is backed up by vile racist currents in society coming from the corporate media, right-wing forces, and the policies of the ruling class (like no enforcing hate laws, or refusing just settlement of aboriginal treaty disputes). We must overcome this racism and unite to win!

2. Mobilize. The Chicago text tile workers victory of the eight-hour day was won by the collective efforts of millions of workers, using strikes, demonstrations, and other tactics. This victory had nothing to do with appealing to the consciences of capitalists, and everything to do with a conscious struggle led by the trade unions, and by the Communists and other left forces. We must unite large numbers of working people to win!

3. Keep on pushing. The fight for an eight-hour day didn't end in Haymarket Square. It took a period of decades. Working people and their allies rallied around immediate goals and long-range aims. The fight for better work and better wages across Canada will also take time. If any of the New Democratic Party's $10 minimum wage bills fail, it will not end the need or fight for higher wages and we must keep up the momentum.

Three Demands for youth today:

1. Denouce Racism. Today, all young workers and students, but especially the white youth, need to denounce racism. In April alone, public acts of sexist and islamophobic harassment occurred at Western and McMaster Universities. A Peel District school teacher was outrageously suspended for publicly opposing Israel's pro-imperialist apartheid policies outside of school. And the right-wing pro-corporate ADQ party in Quebec continued a vocal anti-Muslim campaign. At the same time as Canada is pouring diplomatic and billion-dollar military support into the unpopular wars and aggressions by the US and Israel in Afghanistan and the Middle East, racist forces are drumming up islamophobia against the peoples of these countries here in Canada. By recognizing that racist attacks and harassment do not happen as individual acts and fighting against the roots of racism, more solidarity can be expressed with youth of colour and aboriginal youth.

2. Demand better work. We need to create jobs for youth, like manufacturing jobs or building thousands of units of public, co-op housing to eliminate the disaster of homeless. We need a massive expansion of apprenticeship programmes. We need to make the right to unionization much easier, with a Workers Bill of Rights.

3. Demand better wages. In BC and Ontario, a movement is building to raise the $10 minimum wage. We support this campaign, and call for all join this fight and build a movement. All wages must be raised, 'high school' and 'training' wages abolished, and minimum wage must be raised above the poverty line, towards $15 an hour. In addition, all social assistance rates must be increased including 'employment insurance,' which is almost totally inaccessible for young workers.

May Day is our global day of solidarity! Celebrate it and join the battle for peace, anti-racist unity, to win better work, and better wages! Viva May Day!--- Central Executive of the Young Communist League. May 01, 2007