June 04, 2007

Join June 9th Picket Against Israeli Apartheid!

The Central Committee of the YCL-ljc joins the many voices calling for
the boycott divestment and sanctions (BDS) of Israel as an apartheid
state, in response to the call for BDS from the Palestinian General
Federation of Trade Unions. We urge that all YCL-ljc clubs work with
the Palestinian solidarity movement and labour movement on the BDS

In this spirit, on June 9th the YCL-ljc encourages all youth and
students concerned with democracy and human rights to take part in the
day of action pickets at their local Chapters/Indigo stores. Protest
the owners' ties to the Heseg Foundation, which supports Israeli
soldiers recruited from Canada and outside Israel and is complicit in
the apartheid system in occupied Palestine.

For more information: www.caiaweb.org


June 3rd statement of the Young Communist League (Ontario)

Protests called this weekend by the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War
against the visit of Colin Powell to Canada, at the behest of the
Jewish National Fund, sends an important message rejecting the US war
agenda in Canada. Youth, students, and all peace and democracy-loving
people should support this protest, and call for Powell's arrest for
crimes against humanity.

The war banner Powell's gang in suits carries is saluted by the Harper
Conservatives in Canada. For youth, the stakes are high. With
cutbacks, privatization and massive military spending going to
Canada's dirty war in Afghanistan, they are replacing the chance of
good jobs and accessible education with military recruitment, racism,
and boot camps. It is time to demand a life with a future!


Colin Powell has hard-earned reputation as a spokesperson for
imperialism and enemy of democracy and sovereignty. For his role in
orchestrating many crimes against humanity Powell should be arrested
and brought to justice.

Perhaps the most infamous act of the former US Secretary of State was
his justification of the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003. Powell's
testimony (contradicting earlier statements he himself had said) about
the presence of Weapon's of Mass Destruction in Iraq played an
important role in camouflaging the true reasons for the war – oil
profits and the strategic location of Iraq.

Today, that illegal war and occupation has killed over six hundred of
thousand Iraqi civilians. This monstrous crime shows the danger US
imperialism posses to humanity. Recently, Powell has stated that Iran
also possesses Weapon's of Mass Destruction, in a move widely
denounced by progressive people as potentially justifying another war.

Powell helped organized the illegal coup of democratically elected
President Aristide from Haiti. ''[W]hether or not he is able to
effectively continue as president is something that he will have to
examine," Powell told the international media three days before a
CIA-organized raid kidnapped Aristide and flew him secretly to the
Congo. Since then, massive bloodshed has resulted from the murderous
actions of US, Canadian and French police forces in Haiti.

Powell also serves on several corporate boards including Gulfstream
Aerospace and America Online (which later merged with Time Warner).
The former general earned a $4 million windfall when AOL merged with
Time Warner in 2001. Powell's son, Michael, was the only commissioner
at the Federal Communications Commission who advocated letting the
AOL-Time Warner deal go through without scrutiny. Perhaps this is
what Powell means when he talks about bringing "Free-market
Democracy'' to Iraq.


Powell was invited to this thousand-dollar plate dinner by the Jewish
National Fund, supposedly to raise money to restore a forest in
Israel. This at exactly the time when a growing movement across Canada
is condemning that country, and the JNF. Last year Ontario's biggest
union, Canadian Union of Public Employees - Ontario, resolved to
boycott, divest
from, and sanction Israel (bds) until it recognizes the Palestinians
right to self-determination and complies with international law,
including the right of refugees to return.

The Jewish National Fund, which is able to give tax-deductible
receipts to Canadian donors (meaning that all tax-payers are in effect
subsidizing Israeli apartheid), does charitable work like constructing
"Canada Park." It is a travesty that this park, built over the ruins
of three Arab villages (Amwas, Yalu, and Beit Nuba) from which the
residents were forcibly expelled during the 1967 war, is named after
our country, which implicitly condones the shameful expulsion of First
Nations, Metis and Acadian nations in Canada.

The State of Israel reserves 93% of all property inside the green line
for Jews only. In apartheid South Africa, 87% of all property was
reserved in law for whites only. The infant mortality rate in
Palestinian areas is almost 5 times that of Jewish areas. Israel's
ruling party Kadima has openly stated that the strategy of withdrawing
from Gaza and building a wall in the West Bank, cutting off
Palestinians from each other, is to maintain a Jewish majority in
Israel, originally achieved by expelling and terrorizing Palestinians.

It is no co-incidence that Powell is speaking on the behest of the
JNF. US-Israeli policy in the Middle East is to repress the Arab
national liberation movement, which nationalized the Suez Canal and
kicked British colonialists out of South Yemen, establishing the first
Arab communist state. The face of George W. Bush and Colin Powell in
Canada is that of PM Steven Harper and General Rick Hillier.


This nightmare must not continue forever. Instead of towing the line
of the Bush Republicans war agenda, Canada must assert our own
independent foreign policy, based on peace and disarmament.

We must defeat the Harper Conservatives, who have extended the mandate
of the Afghanistan mission to 2009 and have launched a sophisticated
public relations blitz to try to twist around public opinion on this
unpopular war. Calling to bring the troops home is critical in that
struggle, to confront and drive out Harper. The fight outside
parliament will be decisive, and will lead the battle which must occur
in the House to dump the Conservatives.

Ending the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and preventing new
imperialist aggressions against Iran, Sudan, or any other country, are
the key tasks of the day. To win a better world, to achieve social
justice and environmental sustainability, humanity needs peace and

The main source of danger and global injustice is not terrorism, as
Powells' crew claims, but US imperialism. The YCL (Ontario) therefore
joins with the Communist Party of Canada in calling for an independent
foreign policy of peace and disarmament for Canada, based on the
following alternative policies:

- Withdraw immediately Canadian and all NATO forces from Afghanistan
- End the occupation of Iraq; prosecute those responsible for the
invasion of Iraq as war criminals
- No imperialist aggression against Iran! Seek a peaceful, negotiated solution
- Respect the United Nations' Charter and international laws that
uphold state sovereignty and national self-determination
- Oppose "preventive" war, the "first use" of nuclear weapons and
other imperialist military doctrines
- Reject attacks on civil and democratic rights carried out under the
racist and imperialist "war on terror"
- End Canada's boycott of the elected Palestinian Authority; dismantle
Israel's illegal wall built in occupied territories; support a
Palestinian state and the right of return of all Palestinian refugees,
consistent with U.N. resolutions
- Oppose the sanctions against Cuba; free "The Cuban Five" jailed in
the U.S. for fighting terrorism
- Withdraw all occupying forces from Haiti
- Oppose the dangerous U.S. Missile Defence program
- Abolish all weapons of mass destruction and negotiate global
disarmament treaties
- Ban the international arms trade; ban arms sales to regimes
responsible for genocide and crimes against peace
- Welcome war resisters to Canada and allow them to stay permanently
- Withdraw Canada from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation; support
dismantling all military alliances
- Abrogate "free trade" deals which undermine Canada's sovereignty,
close factories, and fail to protect Canada from unjust sanctions
- Promote trade relations between Canada and all countries on the
basis of equality, sustainability and mutual social benefit; cancel
the debt of Third World countries; increase unconditional aid by
imperialist countries as compensation for centuries of slavery,
colonial oppression and exploitation.
- Support the right of self-determination for all nations which now
are denied that right, including in Canada; promote equal and
voluntary relations between nations deciding to remain in the same

Contact the YCL Ontario
290A Danforth Ave, Toronto
416 469 2446


The Central Committee of the Young Communist League of Canada met for
an all-day meeting on this past month to discuss the league's main
political priorities and campaign strategies around the issues of
peace, jobs, and international solidarity. Over the next few months,
the YCL-LJC will be unveiling new central campaigns of the YCL-LJC.

As directed by the central convention, work has begun on a Cuban
Solidarity campaign including applying to join the Canadian Network on
Cuba and helping to build the Che Guevara Work Brigade which takes
place in July. Additionally, the YCL-LJC will be expanding the YCL
British Columbia's Better Work, Better Wages campaign to a Canada-wide
level, beginning with a fight to increase the minimum wage.

The CC approved the Convention Documents from the 24th YCL Central
Convention, which are currently being formatted and will be released
to membership. Acting on instructions from the Central Convention, the
CC voted in favour of dropping the maple leaf from the YCL-LJC logo
out of respect to the multi-national character of the Canadian state.
The logo will feature a fist, holding a red flag in a white circle.

The CC heard reports on the student movement, including the results of
the Canada-wide demonstrations by students for reduced tuition fees.
This included an important victory by Nova Scotian students, who face
the highest tuition fees in the country and have won a freeze of
tuition fees. Quebec students are mobilizing for a large
demonstration, calling for the elimination of tuition fees, in
September. The CC also recognized concern over recent racist and
Islamophobic actions at McMaster University, which garnered a quick
response from students denouncing the incident.

Jason Mann, a member of the CC, was elected to the position of Rebel
Youth editor. He reported that a new issue of Rebel Youth will be
released in June, with a focus on International Solidarity.

The CC passed statements in solidarity with the Boycott, Divestment
and Sanctions campaign against the Apartheid State of Israel, and with
the BC and Ontario campaigns to raise the Minimum wage to $10 an hour.

In Vancouver and Toronto the YCL recently helped organize two
successful protests demanding the extradition of US CIA-backed
counter-revolutionary and self-described terrorist Posada Carriles to
Venezuela. The YCL also distributed hundreds of flyers in places like
Sudbury and Niagara Falls about this issue and the case of the Cuban

The YCL-LJC's membership is also growing rapidly! In the Prairies, two
members of the YCL in Manitoba ran in the provincial elections for the
Communist Party. There has been recent YCL activity in Saskatchewan
and the CC hopes to build in this area. New clubs have recently been
built in Edmonton and Nanaimo. Plans are underway across the country
to organize regional Summer schools for YCL members.

The CC also heard a report on the recent visit of Comrade Shona
Bracken to Venezuela, and a report from Stephen Von Sychowski on
international correspondence.