December 30, 2008

Solidarity with the people of Gaza

The Young Communist League of Canada - Ligue de la Jeunesse Communiste du Canada stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza. We join with all youth and student organizations expressing outrage and call upon Prime Minister Steven Harper's government to immediately denounce Israel's brutal and illegal war.

Canada must demand at the UN level an immediate and just ceasefire, an end to the inhumane blockade, and an implementation of the numerous UN resolutions taken on behalf of the Palestinian people. To do otherwise is complicity in genocide.

We express our full support for the rallies being held in cities across Canada. The bombing of al-Azhar University in Gaza, killing students and professors, has brought into sharp relief the need for all Canadian youth and students to demonstrate.  The vast majority of Gaza's population is under twenty-five and unemployed. It is the most densely populated centre in the world. Over a thousand civilians -- mainly women, youth and children -- are now dead or wounded. This attack is an extension of an ongoing siege that has malformed Gaza into a concentration camp, and a legacy of colonial injustice by Israel since 1948.

Mass global protest by all those who love justice is needed to stop the apartheid Israeli state from closing all doors for dialogue towards peace. Justice must include the national right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, to build their own independent state, and for refugees to return home.


3. Join one of the many 
local actions protesting the assault on Gaza.


Short movies with latest news and background on the siege

Workers, Communist, Anit-imperialist and National Liberation Fronts on the war in Gaza:

Statement by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Two Statements by the Palestinian People's Party

The Communist Party of Israel Condemns Deadly Attacks on Gaza and Calls for International Mobilization

New Years Greetings

December 29, 2008


Statement by Canadian Network On Cuba on the Occasion of the 50th
Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, January 1st, 2009

(The YCL is a proud member of the CNC)

The Canadian Network On Cuba (CNC) extends to the Cuban people our
deepest and warmest greetings and sentiments of solidarity and
friendship as they celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the triumph of
the Cuban Revolution. Across Canada and though-out 2009 many events
are planned to mark the significance of the Cuban Revolution. On
January 1st, 1959, after a century long struggle for national
affirmation, liberation and independence, Cuba embarked on the path
that established authentic self-determination, placing the Cuban
nation firmly in the hands of the people of Cuba. In the fifty years
that have passed, the Cuban people have resisted all attempts to take
away their independence and freedom, and re-impose foreign domination.
They have repelled the unceasing all-sided assault, military,
economic, financial and propagandistic by Washington, which has never
accepted the verdict of the Cuban people.

The significance of the Cuban revolution extends beyond the
geographical boundaries of Cuba. Since its inception, the Cuban
Revolution has made an invaluable contribution to the global struggle
for justice, social development and human dignity. Cuba has
established an unparalleled legacy of internationalism and
humanitarianism, embodying the immortal words of Jose Marti: "Homeland
is Humanity. Humanity is Homeland." In southern Africa, for example,
more than 2,000 Cubans gave their lives to defeat the racist apartheid
regime in South Africa. Today this Cuban commitment to humanity is
mirrored in the tens of thousands of medical personnel and educators
who have served and continue to serve across the world, battling in
the trenches against disease and illiteracy.

The CNC affirms that Cuba can continue to count on the solidarity and
friendship of the Canadian people, as underscored by the success of
the CNC's Hurricane Relief & Reconstruction Campaign, which has raised
hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial and material assistance
from numerous individuals and organizations. This outpouring of
support and empathy for Cuba is indicative of the sentiment of the
vast majority of Canadians. Having traveled to Cuba in the hundreds of
thousands and having witnessed Cuban reality for themselves, Canadians
have come away with a profound respect and admiration for the Cuban
people and their efforts to build a society centered on independence,
justice and human dignity. Irrespective of their political or
ideological positions, Canadian stand for the building of genuine
friendship with the island nation: relations based on mutual respect
and equality and recognition of Cuba's right to self-determination and

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, the
CNC commits itself to strengthening Canadian solidarity and friendship
with Cuba by stepping up the work to free the five Cuban Heroes
unjustly imprisoned in the U.S. for defending their country from
terrorism, and ensuring that Canada-Cuba relations remain based on
equality and respect for the right of Cuba to self-determination.

No words can adequately convey the transcendent and singular meaning
of the Cuban Revolution. By holding aloft the banners of Justice,
Peace, Internationalism and Human Dignity, Cuba demonstrates that
another better world is possible! In a world fraught with intense and
significant challenges, in the spirit of the 50th Anniversary of the
Cuban Revolution we declare:

Another Better World Is Possible!


December 15, 2008

Solidarity with the Greek youth and workers

The CEC of the YCL-LJC issued the following statement today:

Solidarity with the Greek youth and workers

The Young Communist League of Canada expresses our strong support to the working people and youth of Greece, and the magnificent effort that they are building. We join with the youth and people of Greece, our comrades in the Communist Party (KKE) and our fraternal organization the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), in condemning the murder of 15-year old Andreas Grigoropoulos by a police officer in Exarcheia-Athens.

On Wednesday, Dec. 9th, Greece saw its most massive general strike in recent years. Thousands of school students and university students along with the working class, defying a climate of fear and intimidation, shut down universities and high schools and marched for justice.

We also stand with those across Canada condemning the murders of Aboriginal and racialized youth, killed at the hands of the police. There are too many to name -- like Alwy Al-Nadhir, a high-school student, shot last Halloween at age 18 by Toronto Police; Michael Langan, a 17-year-old Métis who died shortly after being tasered by Winnipeg police this July; and African-Canadian Freddy Villanueva shot by Montreal police this August.

Civilian control over police, prisons and CSIS!
Abolish racial profiling!




YCLers across the country joined in pro-coalition rallies two weekends ago, baring rain, snow or hail and distributing hundreds of statements. Despite small media coverage, thousands of people came together at these rallies. Whatever government is standing at the end of January, there is stronger and renewed opposition and pressure on the Harper Conservatives heading into 2009.

This weekend YCLers from the Hamilton-Niagara joined members and friends of the Communist Party in a seasonal social at Solidarity House in Hamilton, a labour-community centre run by Peoples Voice, with the FMLN Hamilton and other friends; there was also an event at the Center for Socialist Education in Vancouver. Next weekend will be the open house in Toronto, write for details.


Both Rebel Youth and Dynamic Magazine (our sister publication in the YCL USA) have recently produced You Tube video's about the magazines -- and by some seriously ill spontaneity we would up released them the same day!

Dynamic's is really classy featuring old covers, a history of their mag, and some retro tunes. Ours is totally basic, we're just testing out of this new medium. We want to release some other You Tubes over the holiday break. If you are interested in helping with this project, and are willing to take an assignment to produce a video on a certain theme, please write to



The deadline for RY submissions was this Sunday - if you wrote asking for an extension the countdown is now! If you have already submitted your article and are in the process of doing edits, that is cool. But we're counting down for the next issue!

PPS: It should have been noted before, but the statement of the YCL in Durham region on the attacks on the Lesbian sisters is up on the blog. This case has recently -- and outrageously -- been ruled NOT to be a Hate Crime. We will have a special update in the next issue of RY!


For news and photos we recommend:

KNE – Greek Communist Youth (English):

KKE – Greek Communist Party (English):

There is also a facebook group with discussion:


December 05, 2008

This is not democracy!

This is not what democracy looks like, this is what hypocrisy looks like!

The Young Communist League - la Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada joins with the condemnations of the Harper Conservatives for creating a Parliamentary crisis and now anti-democratically proroguing Parliament. We will not surrender! Locking Parliament’s doors is a cowardly response to loosing the confidence of the House, and the Canadian people. Such desperation and arrogance underscores the urgent need for broad, powerful public mobilization to dump the Tories now.

We call on all young people to hit the streets, and unite without hesitation in support the coalition, for it will create better terrain to fight for new policies that put the people first. Unity requires joining the battle of ideas and overcoming slanders. Regardless what you think of the NDP’s policies, Harper’s red-baiting is crass fear mongering. Likewise, we resolutely oppose the vicious chauvinism directed against the people of Quebec, and their democratic right as a nation to determine their own future (up to and including separation, just as a marriage can not be equal if there is no right to divorce).

Harper’s false and hypocritical claims bring into sharp relieve the tenuousness of this so-called democracy and the need for deep change beginning with proportional representation.

Harper, Harper, Harper! Out, Out, Out!

Dec. 5th 2008 statement by the Young Communist League, Central Executive Cmte.

Greetings to YCL USA

Young Communist League of Canada –
la Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada
290A Danforth Ave,
Toronto ON M4K 1N6

Friday, December 8th 2008

Young Communist League, USA
235 West 23rd Street
New York NY 10011

Dear Comrade Smiley,

On behalf of the Central Executive Committee of the YCL-LJC, we would like to warmly extend our congratulations to the National Committee of the YCLUSA on your important work in helping with the historic victory against the US ultra-right and the election of President Barack Obama.

The election of your first African American as President has inspired many Canadian youth and is a monumental achievement. For left and progressive youth forces here in the north, we see new challenges and openings not least around Afghanistan and Iraq. We have no illusions that Obama’s foreign policy will meet the expectations presented in Canada’s corporate media. But the hopes of Canadian youth and students have been raised, hopes that we may see a shift away from the imperialist wars and aggressions that in so many ways defined the USA to our generation.

Well done for your enormous efforts in the Youth Voter Coalition, and for the efforts of young voters and the American working class in kicking Bush good riddance!

In Canada too we see sudden changes, with a political crisis in Ottawa which may release Canada from the grip of the dangerously reactionary Harper Conservatives. Just yesterday, the Prime Minister anti-democratically maneuvered to stop an emerging coalition between the big business Liberal Party and the social democratic New Democrats by closing the doors of Parliament until late January. The Conservatives are unscrupulously ‘red-baiting’ the New Democrats and encouraging a vile current anti-Quebequois Anglo chauvinism not seen here for over a decade.

Like the Communist Party of Canada, we do not view this coalition as a centre-left formation (since the New Democrats, while progressive on most social issues, now generally abandon working class families when confronted with tough economic questions). But that is not the main point. Nor is it the main issue to present a list of conditions for youth to support this coalition. The main point is the great potential and possibilities that a coalition would have in terms of extra-parliamentary struggle, for it would be much more vulnerable to public pressure, and that it would get rid of the Conservatives.

We’ve attached our two statements for your information and will be publishing more detailed commentary in our January issue of Rebel Youth.

As always, we wish you much success and salute your difficult struggle in the very heart of the world's greatest imperialist power.

Good luck and warm fraternal communist greetings from Canada!

YCL-LJC Canada

December 02, 2008


The political crisis and youth
Statement by the YCL-LJC CEC
Tuesday, December 2nd

The coalition emerging between the Liberals and the New Democratic
Party, supported by the Bloc Quebecois, is a very important democratic
development for all young people. It could stop the Bush-style
Conservative government that blocks any possibility of advance for a
youth and student agenda. It will shape our struggles against
militarism and the war in Afghanistan, bad jobs and poverty wages, and
skyrocketing tuition fees.

The 1985 Ontario Liberal-NDP accord government showed the parties
internally struggling for public support, creating better terrain for
extra-parliamentary struggle. Without any illusions about either
parties, lets act on the greater potential for pushing forward a youth
and student agenda!

The Conservative's defeat could set-back neo-liberalism. Youth have
suffered greatly from cutbacks, deregulation, privatization, as well
as environmental destruction and the drive to war. These same policies
helped incubate the current structural crisis of capitalism, and made
the crisis's effect on youth and students much worse.

The real victory will be shaped outside of parliament. Now is the time
to creatively, broadly and boldly set-up the fight-back, projecting an
immediate alternative agenda to ensure the big corporations – and not
our generation – bear the costs of the financial crisis: create
hundreds of thousands of good quality jobs for youth; raise minimum
wages; get Canada out of Afghanistan and NATO; cut-back the bloated
military budget; establish a national childcare system; expand public
school funding and universal, accessible public post-secondary

Youth and students are right to demand that any back-room deals to
maintain Conservative rule be exposed and stopped, and to join the
cross-Canada actions demanding an end to the Harper Conservative's
power. The YCL calls on all youth and students to join with that
growing movement, and demand a pro-people, pro-youth and student