June 30, 2009

2009 Nova Scotia Election Results: What’s at stake for youth?

On June 9, 2009, Nova Scotians headed to the polls amidst the worst capitalist crisis in 70 years. The election of Darrell Dexter’s New Democrats was perhaps the best possible outcome from the existing balance of forces, yet far from guarantees a victory against the dangerous big-business assault our province has been enduring for generations.

The time now is for the youth and students, together with the labour movement and all other progressives, to mobilize and demand an alternative agenda based on people’s needs not corporate greed.

Young people should not assume that the NDP’s election will automatically lead to significant gains for working people without massive public pressure. First, the NDP’s election platform was milquetoast. For example: not addressing the need for expanding public ownership and reversing privatization, from health care to the energy sector; proposing tax cuts for students instead of dramatically reducing and eliminating fees; and even dropping their demand for a $10 minimum wage.

Secondly, social democracy’s history across Canada confirms that NDP is extremely venerable to corporate pressure. That record includes Gary Doer’s Manitoba NDP government, where the minimum wage is well below the poverty line, tuition fees are rising, and the government is working with Wal-Mart, Sears and Rona to carry out a yellow ribbon “support the troops” in Afghanistan campaign. Finally, social democracy is in crisis internationally; at a time when neo-liberalism is intensifying its sustained attack on the people social democracy’s general response is to adopt a line of concession rather than resistance. The recent European elections also suggest that when the people reject that approach it doesn’t not automatically lead to a shift to the left.

All this is good reason to the build the fight-back, not least among youth. While the NDP and the bourgeois parties have spent the last weeks bickering over fiscal responsibility, the Nova Scotian youth and students are struggling to make ends meet, burdened by capitalist policies that protect the rich and starve the poor. The Young Communist League believes reinforcing the struggles of youth and students is urgent, necessary and possible! We propose demands that fight for our rights and needs:

Free, accessible, quality education

We want more and better – instead of fewer and worse – schools, colleges and universities. Reduce and eliminate apprenticeship fees and tuition fees. We need a 100% public, democratic, accessible, quality, portable education system. Ultimately students should receive a living stipend to make education accessible to all. We demand that Nova Scotia regard the education of youth as a right rather than a personal privilege of the rich, not the highest fees in the country.


Employment is a right of all young workers. Sustainable, alternative economic policies are required to democratically run our economy, block deindustrialization and create better, safer work, with better wages for youth. The provincial minimum wage of $8.60 keeps thousands of people living in poverty and must be raised to a level that allows people to live in dignity; we need a $16/h minimum wage. We must stop and reverse the de-industrialization of the Atlantic region, beginning with cancelling the anti-democratic Atlantica deals, and create better work with better wages for youth. If the private sector won’t do it, the government should.

An end to privatization and the expansion of social services

The Nova Scotia government is systematically giving away our energy, healthcare system and natural resources to giant monopolies whose only concern is profit, not the well being of youth. Privatization is nothing more than a theft of services that citizens fought for, own and depend on! Privatization must be stopped and reversed. This includes handing over to the people through public ownership and control, public services and resources. Nationalize Irving! Existing social services and infrastructure, including health care, education, affordable housing, social assistance, transportation and child care, must be expanded.

Energy and food security

The future of our planet is in danger. Capitalism continues to lead to the destruction of the natural environment at an unprecedented pace in its ruthless quest for increased profits. There now exists the very real danger of our world becoming unliveable for the next generation. In Nova Scotia, we need cleaner energy that is produced and distributed through worker-owned, democratically run organizations. We also must seek alternative, local sources of food and stop supporting multinational food corporations that exploit workers, harm nature and jeapordize our health.


Real social progress requires solidarity with the struggles for the liberation of all nations, peoples and genders of the Atlantic region. We must demand the reversal of racist policies affecting Mi’kmaq First Nations, Metis, African Nova Scotians, immigrants and migrants, as well as Anglo-centric policies that discriminate against Acadian nation. We must recognize the value of all labour, both at home and in the paid workforce, and end the economic exploitation of women. Violence against women and children, sexism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia must be abolished.

Real democracy

We must push for Proportional Representation in Nova Scotia and struggle to create the economic and social conditions for real democracy, including our democratic right to control the economy. Ultimately, capitalism is inherently in contradiction with the freedom and democracy of the working class, the people and youth. It denies the vast majority of citizen’s ownership and control over their work places, natural resources, in fact, their lives.

Youth in Nova Scotia – let’s fight for a future that liberates us all. The future is socialism!

June 29, 2009

Against the coup d’état in Honduras!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth, has received with concern reports about the coup d’état that has occurred in Honduras, by the armed forces of that country, with the support of the imperialist oligarchy and the transnational companies, who do not accept the processes of change that has occurred.

The Honduran government member of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas has been making positive changes for its people, joining the processes of social integration that are being proposed and make an inquiry to approve a constitutional assembly that would give more power to the poor. In a country where 72% of the population lives in poverty.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth strongly condemns and rejects the coup to steal the power from President Manuel Zelaya, and calls on the international Organizations, to play their role at this time and call all its members, friends and the progressive youth of this world to express our solidarity with the Honduran people and the processes of change that were taking place.

Freedom for the General Secretary of PFLP Palestine - Now!

(Translated from Arabic, original at www.wfdy.org)

A statement of solidarity with the great national fighter Ahmed Saadat, Secretary General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Palestinian Legislative Council member and all prisoners and detainees in Israeli prisons

In the context of the meeting of the Arab region for the World Federation of Democratic Youth delegation in Jbeil - Lebanon, June 19-21 2009, hosted by the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth, [we express] solidarity with the struggling national comrade Ahmed Saadat and all prisoners and detainees in Israeli prisons.

The participating organizations all expressed their support for the steadfastness of comrade Saadat, struggling in the face of the suppression of a prison administration that has taken the Zionists about 3 months to transfer, with a number of his fellow activists in the prisons of the enemy, to the isolation cells in Ashkelon after a heroic struggle, refusing to orange wear uniforms, which the prison administration tried to impose on the militants in the prisons and detention centers of Aldahionep just like criminal detainees, including those the so-called terrorists in Guantanamo, advertising the application of laws concerning the prisoners of war and as an expression and embodiment of their resistance against the Palestinian people, which is guaranteed by all international laws and regulations.

[…] Comrade Saadat, with heroic and epic courage in the face of the executioner, declared a hunger strike lasting nine days in an expression of rejection of the status and number of his fellow prisoners in isolation in prison under harsh conditions contrary to international law where it is placed in solitary confinement and a narrow exit to prevent [air] only one hour every 24 hours in spite of the suffering experienced by the health of comrade Saadat, which threatens his life.

Under these circumstances and the suffering […] the prison administration made the decision to extend the period of segregation of activist Saadat until next July 18. Accordingly, we have assembled in a number of appeals to the concerned authorities to act quickly to demand:

1. Work to end the isolation of Rafik al-Saadat Rvaqa and activists for the continuation of their role in the leadership of the struggles of the Palestinian prisoner movement;

2. Demand that the Palestinian Authority to move quickly against the Zionist enemy responsible for the tragedies of all prisoners and detainees and to assume their responsibilities towards the arrest of comrade Saadat;

3. Claim all the international bodies assume their responsibilities towards the comrade Saadat and his comrades;

4. Require all organizations and frameworks youth of Arab and international friend to the broadest campaign of solidarity with comrade Saadat and his comrades;

At the end, the meeting hailed the steadfastness of comrade Saadat and his comrades in the prisons and detention centers in the forefront of the enemy fighter Marwan Barghouti - Aziz Dweik (newly divorced) - Ibrahim Abu Hajla and all Palestinian prisoners and detainees and the Lebanese and the Syrians in the prisons of the enemy.

June 22, 2009

Salute to the victory of the Peruvian indigenous movement!

WFDY has received the news about the historical victory achieved by the indigenous movement of Peru, after an intense struggle against the national Government, who is a close ally of the USA imperialim. This victory was achieved after several months of protests that have cost the life to at least 34 people and produced more than 60 missing people, whereas the main leaders were being intensively persecuted by the Peruvian authorities.

The struggle of the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazonia, is an example to follow by all those who claim the right to their land, to their natural environment, against the neoliberal policies and against all those who want to five away the natural resources of Amazonia to the big transnational groups for its destruction, disregard the people who have lived in that land for millions of years.

WFDY expresses its solidarity towards the indegenous movements in Peru and calls upon all its member and friend organizations, as well as all the progressive youth of the world, to express its support to all the indigenous people of the world, who are struggling to survive and save their cultures.

Not a token day: National Aboriginal Day, June 21st, summer solstice

The Young Communist League of Canada, Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada stands in support of struggles by all of Canada's First Peoples on this day, National Aboriginal Day, and every other day in the year. National Aboriginal Day should never be a token day, and First Nations reservations should never be token lands. This day we take the time to recognize that a war has and continues to be waged against all aboriginal peoples. A slow and steady genocide has been committed against First Nations, the Metis and Inuit peoples.

We are all on Aboriginal land, and the idea of the treaties was to share and share alike what this land has to offer. Now it is time for the state and corporations to pay the rent! The concept of land ownership was unheard of, until colonial governments forced it upon Aboriginal peoples. Sharing and co-operation were trampled by capitalist values of exploitation of land, profit from misery and feelings of superiority. Such attitudes set the foundation for racism and the cultural genocide of the residential school system.

What are the legacies of a government policy to control the Aboriginal population? One of many legacies is a suicide rate that is of epidemic proportions in many communities. Aboriginals have a high rate of suicide. Aboriginal youth in particular have the highest suicide rates. According to the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, young aboriginals living on a reserve kill themselves at rates five to seven times higher than other young people. Put in another way, that's 500% to 700% more. A
University of Manitoba report stated that aboriginal youth suicide rates were highest in urban areas. Manitoba has the highest suicide rate in the country. [1]

Young Aboriginal women face racialized and sexualized violence. The Native Women’s Association of Canada has compiled a database of over 520 missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls since 1970. Of the women and girls whose age at the time of their disappearance or death is known, two thirds were under the age of 30; eighteen per cent were under nineteen years old.[2]

Racism against Aboriginal peoples is spawned by capitalism from the colonial courts and prisons to the 2010 Olympics and also among youth. Recently, a Facebook group appeared claiming “Native Americans are ruining Canada.” One post said: “Native Americans are substantially increasing Canada’s suicide rate to enormous proportions and embarrasses us as a country [sic]” The group description said “Anyone from Upper Canada College can join and invite others from Upper Canada College to join.” (UCC is the most elite private boys school in Canada, with the Duke of Edinburgh on its Board) The facebook group has been closed down, but this was not random – national oppression of aboriginal peoples is part of the ideology of the ruling class.[3]

Can we compare UCC with the learning conditions for many aboriginal youth on reserve or in off-reserve urban aboriginal communities? Many schools have students learning in overcrowded and sub standard school buildings, with meagre school supplies. Now the federal government is withholding much of its funding for a
First Nations University. Although access to education is both a human right and a treaty right for First Nations, basic core service funding including post-secondary, is capped; And the federal Conservatives want to off-load it's responsibility for post-secondary education, switching from grants to student loans, for an already disadvantaged group of people.

Over 50% of Aboriginal people are under 23. Canadian youth justified by being deep enraged by treatment of Aboriginal peoples by the Canadian ruling class; the attack on Aboriginal youth is an attack on all youth.

Aboriginal youth need a future. A future free from racism, a future with a good paying job, a future with land or proper compensation for land use. A future with rights to universal education right up to and including post-secondary education. A future with good housing. A future without racist police brutality and racial profiling. A future with a dream. A future that is a reality.

Central Executive Commiteee


1. www.cbc.ca/canada/manitoba/story/2006/08/31/suicide-study.html; www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7834596

2. Native Women’s Association of Canada, www.nwac-hq.org

3. www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2214290884

June 19, 2009

Regarding the situation in Iran

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) is following with concern the current developments in Iran following the 12th June Presidential election.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth is seriously alarmed to receive reports about ttacks, arrests and murders in student dormitories in a number of universities inside Iran.

At the same time, USA and imperialist media is trying to create that by changing leader Iran would completely change, promoting the atmosphere of external intervention in Iran or for a coup d’état that would bring the imperialist promoted forces to power.

WFDY believes that the way out of this situation must be political, peaceful and sovereign, therefore we support the struggle of all the people who claim political and social rights and we reject any solution that leads to an administrative, violent or external overthrow of the power to handle it to the any imperialist supported person or force.

Furthermore, WFDY extends its solidarity with Tudeh Party and its Youth, member of WFDY, who are in exile fighting for their political rights within Iran.


Budapest, 18th June 2009

June 18, 2009


June 12, 2009

The warm reception of Fascist Colombian President Alvaro Uribe by the Canadian government has been strongly condemned by the Young Communist Leauge of Canada - Ligue de la jeunesse communiste du Canada (YCL-LJC).

“That our government would welcome Uribe, just days after the news that Colombia again ‘leads’ the world in murders of trade unionists, with 48 deaths in 2008 alone, is appalling,” said Johan Boyden, General Secretary of the YCL-LJC. The YCL-LJC joined with the numerous organizations from labour, faith communities, students, NGOs and human rights groups, as well as political parties condemning the Canada-Colombia Free Trade deal, which was the main topic of the meeting.

“The free trade deal will be written in the blood of Colombia workers, peasants, religious leaders, union organizers, and Communists” Boyden said. “It serves only the interests of US and Canadian imperialism in the region.”

Boyden pointed to the disappearance announced this Thursday of Cindy Johana Barrero, an activist with the Colombian Communist Youth (JUCO), as just another case of the violent oppression conducted by state-sponsored paramilitaries against Colombian civil society. Uribe’s campaign of lies, persecution and murder against JUCO has also been condemned by the World Federation of Democratic Youth, he noted.


The World Federation of Democratic Youth joins the African region in commemorating the Day of the African Child on June 16 2009. In 1991, the African Union the then Organization of African Unity declared that June 16 be the Day of the African Child in remembrance of the June 16 1976 when hundreds of black school children in Soweto, South Africa were massacred in cold blood and thousands injured by the racist and imperialist regime when they took to the streets to protest against the inferior quality of their education, and to demand their right to be taught in their own language. Thus therefore June 16th of every year has been commemorated across the African continent as the Day of the African Child.

The World Federation of Democratic Youth hereby calls all progressive youth movements from across the continent to continue exposing such brutal, barbaric and uncouth acts by imperialists. We also note with great concern that in the current global political setup the intervention of imperialists is derailing the progress towards empowering the young people of African nations. We encourage governments to provide local resources for empowerment and shun the conditional meager donations of imperialists.

We therefore urge Governments of African Nations to effectively deal with issues which hinder the progress of child development especially in education, culture, religious, health, child abuse, ending the issue of child soldiers, enabling youths to participate in the economic issues of their nations amongst other issues.

The leadership must also engage in robust educational campaigns on the dangers of HIV and AIDS. We call for an end to the use of children as soldiers in countries, which are currently under war, an end to child trafficking.

The African Commission must encourage some African states that have not ratified African Youth Charter to do so and to enable child representatives to air out their views and concerns on how they expect to be done regarding their needs.

However we strongly encourage governments and concerned youth organizations to educate children the history of their nations as this helps them build a concrete historical background as well as preserving African values and culture.

We wish all Africans living in Africa and the Diaspora a strong commemoration of the Day of African Child 2009 under the Theme “Africa Fit for Children: Call for accelerated action towards their survival”

Budapest, June 16 2009

Free the Cuban Five!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth has received the news about the decision of the Supreme Court of the USA of not accepting to review the case of the Five Cuban Heroes that remain unfairly imprisoned in the USA prisons.

Despite having received the important support of many personalities of the world and all the progressive youth that struggles to build a better world, it is known that the imperialist government of Obama has put an action in a court for it not accept the case, which shows once again its hypocrisy towards Cuba.

The heroic struggle of the Cuban people, that has cost the life to more than 3000 of its children, victims of the terrorism supported by the USA, over more than 50 years of heroic struggles driven by the Cuban people to protect itself from the terrorist actions is the essence of this case, which is once again created by the imperialist Government of USA, who keeps trying to overthrow the heroic people of Cuba by condemning the Five Cuban Heroes, proving the deep political content of all decisions regarding Cuba.

WFDY condemns this unfair decision taken by the Supreme Court of USA, that has been under pressure of the imperialist government of that country and considers this decision a complete hypocrisy to the American justice, and demands to the Government of USA to stop the pressures
over this case that became political, because it has put over the Cuban Five Heroes all the hate of the challenge that Cuba represented over the last 50 years and that will never be destroyed.

WFDY calls upon its member and friend organizations to demonstrate in front of all American embassies and take action to denounce this injustice.

Budapest, June 16, 2009

June 12, 2009

Solidarity towards Colombia!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth, has been following the regretable happenings in Colombia against JUCO, which is being directly related with FARC, making use of its excelent relations with the Socialist Youth of Norway. This is another demonstration of the cowardly actions of the imperialist Colombian government, trying to criminalize JUCO, alongside with a major campaing of persecution and murder of its members.

As part of its rights, the Communist Youth of Colombia (JUCO) has developped bounds of cooperation with several organizations around the world and has developped an excelent role as Regional Coordinator of WFDY for Latin America and Caribbean, which has allowed it to increase its international recognition and prestige at the same time as it has actively denounced in all possible places the criminal actions that the Colombian government has taken against all those who struggle to build a better future for Colombia. This is in fact why the government of president Uribe is so keen on taking this campaign against JUCO forward.

WFDY, condemns once again the unfair and criminal campaing of lies, persecution and murder against JUCO, demanging that its rights are all respected. Furthermore, WFDY calls upon all its member and friend organizations to join the solidarity campaigns towards JUCO and condemn the actions of the criminal government of the imperialist administration of Colombia against its own people.
Budapest, June 12, 2009


June 09, 2009


JUNE 2009

Our meeting comes at an extraordinary and critical period for labour, the people’s movements, and the youth movement. A lot has happened in just the eight months since we last met. As the Central Executive said this May Day, “With the current economic crisis, the mask of imperialism has been ripped off with the full explosive force of its own internal contradictions. Youth and students and the working peoples of the world are being forced to pay for a crisis we did not create.”

We agree that, while neo-liberalism has intensified the outcomes of the current crisis, the crisis “is not the result of the implementation of neoliberal policies such as free trade, deregulation, privatization, and anti-labour employment policies, etc.; rather, it is the inevitable outcome of the systemic crisis of capitalism itself.”

It’s all the more important for young people to empower their critical thinking with though study of Marxism. But if we kept our response at the level of analysis, we’d be making a terrible mistake. We’re in a juncture that is importunately calling out for action.

In the opinion of the CEC, it is imperative for the youth movement, including the YCL, to catch this wave, and do our best to funnel it into constructive, united mass struggle. We must come out of this meeting with a commitment to a focused discussion on this question, grounded in local work, across our league.

With the economy in a tail-spin, suddenly our generation is asking ‘what kind of future does the system offer us’? It is our evaluation that young people are very quickly becoming more open to different and bolder ideas.

This context also shows the validity of our priority areas of struggle – jobs, education, and peace.

Literally millions of young people will soon be looking for summer jobs. Over the next week, 300 youth employment outlets will open across the country for youth. Yet youth unemployment is skyrocketing to the highest levels in over a decade. First it was Quebec and Ontario, where youth unemployment is almost 20%. Now BC and Alberta have seen a spike – 80 and 112% -- respectively in EI collection. The situation is no better in the Prairies. And in the East Coast, most young people have to leave the region just to make a living.

Not one CEO has been asked to return a penny of the $3 billion slush-fund Prime Minister Harper’s 2009 budget created, but the government dares to demand workers and retirees return pension benefits and slash wages!

Clearly, youth and students’ stakes are on the same side of the table as the industrial workers, and diametrically opposed to the CEOs. The Central Committee should instruct the Executive to move the League into this fight back with renewed energy and audacity:

• Convene a cross-Canada English-language conference call of youth workers;
• Asses the situation and foster comrades deep engagement in local activities such as Employment Insurance petitions, or minimum wage;
• Support the proposal of the joint meeting with the Communist Party to publish a youth-oriented leaflet;
• Ensure Rebel Youth and Jeunesse Militante are tools in this fight.

Students will return to school with either stagnant public funding in the case of secondary education, or higher fees in the case of post-secondary. Ontario is pushing towards the highest tuition in Canada. Charest’s Liberal’s are fighting hard to raise Quebec’s fees astronomically. The re-election of Campbell’s Liberals in BC will not correct the sky rocketing tuition in that province – in fact, the opposite. In some universities, the complete failure of the market has reaped a devastating harvest, as for example at the University of Toronto $1.3 billion has been lost in endowment funds.

In this context the YCL must not stand on the side-lines:

• Convene a conference call of all university student activists including Quebec;
• Convene a conference call of all high-school activists including Quebec;
• Experiment with an online email-based YCL student newsletter aimed at student activists across the country, especially around meetings of the CFS
• Experiment with tools like YCL high school newsletters, such as deepening the struggle for access to post-secondary, or generating protest around reactionary and anti-socialist curriculum in high schools;
• We should discuss especially the choices facing student activists

If young people needed to see demonstrated willingness by youth and students to voice loud and noisy opposition, just look at the anti-imperialist efforts of our generation. Responding to Israel’s terrorist war on the Palestinians in January, demonstrators flooded the streets – the largest Palestinian solidarity actions recently.

Canadian-launched Israeli Apartheid Week actions are now held across the country and internationally; but the Harper Conservative government, with Zionist youth, University administrations and a major Canadian newspaper, has harassed these campus efforts – illegally fining and expelling students, investigating pro-Palestinian teachers, banning a poster by cartoonist Carlos Latuff, and baring British MP George Galloway.

The youth have also mobilized and protested George W. Bush visiting Calgary and Toronto, and in strong condemnation of the genocide of the Tamil people, and meeting should add our voice in deploration.

These developments, and the continued need to focus on the war Afghanistan and military recruitment, mean that the Central Committee should instruct the Executive to re-convene the YCL Peace conference call, which has been largely inactive for a year.


We can’t be tired now, as campaigners, as activists, and as an organization – from the club level to our central YCL leadership meeting at today. As we did at our last CC, I think the starting point for discussion about local action needs to be our role, which derives from a reading of the young people’s consciousness and militancy.

I think that while most young people recognize the basic roots of this crisis, it’s a whole different question if they see a way forward. It is not an easy question!

Those who orient, correctly, towards Harper’s Tories as being the main vehicle of the corporate agenda seem confused by how to combat his superman-like rebound with the passage of the 2009 budget. “There are so many issues, how do we get young people engaged?” But we’re not going to find a magic glowing green jar of kryptonite that will stop the Conservatives or the forces behind them.

Consider the immediate struggle that is going on around Employment Insurance today. The main openings lie in such agitation, education and engagement where young people are in struggle. Left and progressive youth organizations, not least the YCL, can make very constructive interventions both on the level of ideas, and in mobilizing more people into the fightback.

As one commentator said recently, “the relationship between the ideas and the muscle to enforce them is a dialectical one” like, as the saying goes, being able to fart and chew gum.

Can we do this as an organization?

We’ve seen the crisis already have severe repercussions in Parliament. First, the coalition government skirmish against the Harper Conservative’s last winter. Now, an impending clash over Employment Insurance.

No vehicle exists inside parliament that can defeat Harper and bring the kind of bold new direction that’s needed. Opposition will likely grow from the existing resistance and form something new. The YCL needs to support and foster alliances within and beyond the youth movement, including with labour, that can shift the power of big business by uniting all students and young people who are suffering the consequences.
Today’s meeting will also discuss the next YCL convention. In my opinion the ensuing months and the convention discussion are a seminal opportunity to examine and debate fresh and original proposals about such alliances.

To conclude, comrades – in the Executive’s view, the stakes are high. We fully concur with the sentiments expressed at last winter’s international meeting of Communist and Worker’s parties:

Humankind is passing through one of the most difficult and complex moments in history; an economic global crisis that simultaneously coincides with an energy and food crisis and a serious environmental crisis; a world of deep injustices and inequalities, wars and conflicts. The scene is of an historic crossroads, in which two contradictory tendencies are being manifested. On one side lie great dangers to peace, to sovereignty, democracy, to peoples and workers' rights, and on the other side lie immense potential for struggles and the advance of the cause of emancipation of workers and peoples, the cause of social progress and peace, the cause of socialism and communism.

The only road forward is fighting for our rights and our needs.

Thank you.

June 02, 2009


We are pleased to provide the link to a recent World Federation of Democratic Youth publication, World Youth, magazine of WFDY:


We enclose below the editorial of World Youth Magazine.



World Youth is back!! The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) resumes the publishing of its magazine after several years of stopping due to past financial and logistic problems. Now World Youth is back as one more element of the antiimperialist struggle.

In this historical moment when imperialism escalates its aggressions militarily and ideologically, and at the same time faces crisis of its own creation, it becomes more and more necessary to enforce our struggles and diversify its tools. World Youth is here to express and reveal some of the actions and plans of WFDY and its member organizations so that more young people get introduced to WFDY and to the anti-imperialist movement, and also to thousands of people around the world understand the contexts of different struggles and different situations in other countries.

Palestine remains as one of the most important issues to discuss and to struggle for, thus WFDY dedicates many of its solidarity events and mission as well as statements to this cause. The last war on Gaza was another crime against humanity by all legal and humanitarian measures, yet Israel remains protected and sponsored by the imperialist countries that control our present world.

Our member organizations organized numerous events of protest and solidarity around the world in support of the Palestinian people. World Youth covers some of those events. Also Burma witnessed a popular uprising few months ago, and WFDY organized a campaign of solidarity that spread worldwide and was more influential on the regional level in Asia.

Columbia also had important political moments and WFDY was always near to its member organization JUCO against the new fascist policies of the government that spreads horror and division among the people. The broad movement in Latin America, in Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and others was an important feature of our struggles in 2008.

In the Middle East, in addition to Palestine, Iraq is still under occupation and all the rhetoric about withdrawal of the troops wouldn't have been raised without the resistance and the international solidarity movement against the war and the occupation there.

In Europe, more anti-progressive and anticommunist actions were consolidated y the right wing governments. Its most disgraceful expression was the disbanding and the illegalization of KSM in Czech Republic. Those are few of the many important events in the world during the last year, and this issue will present them in addition to many other actions and events that we conducted.

We hope that all anti-imperialist youth will find many answers and many interesting information in this magazine and that we can contribute to add more force to the growing progressive movement.

World Youth is issued to stay, and we hope that through serious and organized collective work, it will be maintained and developed further in the next years, along with more struggles of the anti-imperialist movement.

Youth Struggle in Canada

Submission to WFDY NEWS, June 2009

The global capitalist economic crisis has dangerously accelerated the corporate attack on the youth across Canada. Youth unemployment is the highest in a decade. Despite sophisticated propaganda discouraging young people against alternatives, the youth and students resist.

The economic crisis is reflected in political volatility. The ultra-right Harper Conservative government survived an unusual challenge from a potential coalition government last winter. Mass outcry for Employment Insurance (EI) reforms are expected to rock the government again.

Less than 40% of workers who pay into EI can collect; nor is it accessible to young workers. But no province has moved to close the wage gap between men and women, invested in affordable housing for youth, or legislate a minimum wage above the poverty line. Young workers are also demanding all migrant, foreign and immigrant workers have citizenship status. Students are voicing opposition to skyrocketing fees and living costs. Quebequois students have organized militant mass actions. Student debt hit $13 billion in January.

Canada is a rich country, yet the working class' living standards are falling.

Canadian young people are also outraged by the oppression of Aboriginal nations, including First Nations and Metis. There's a crisis of living conditions on many 'Indian' Reservations (like unsafe drinking water), racist colonial policies (from housing and employment discrimination to police brutality), and refusal of Aboriginal peoples' treaty rights and sovereignty. Last year, over 2,000 Aboriginal students were denied university funding. Youth are opposing the 2010 Winter Olympic games in British Columbia, on unsurrendered native land and adjacent to the most impoverished neighborhood in Canada.

Canadian foreign policy appears largely drafted in Washington. Canada's government warmly welcomed the new US administration. But polls show the people oppose the recent rapid rise in military spending, active support to NATO and NORAD, Obama's extension of the imperialist war in Afghanistan, and especially Canada's participation.

April 4th saw mobilizations against the war in Afghanistan and NATO. Quebequois youth are especially vocal against military recruitment. Denouncing Israel's terrorist war on the Palestinians, demonstrators flooded the streets in the largest Palestinian solidarity actions recently. Student-driven Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaigns against Israel are wining support, including among unions. Canadian-launched Israeli Apartheid Week is observed in 25 cities from Caracas to Johannesburg to Jenin. However, the Harper Conservative government, with Zionist youth, University administrations and the corporate media, has harassed these campus campaigns - illegally fining and expelling students, investigating pro-Palestinian teachers, banning the slogan “Israeli Apartheid” and Carlos Latuff's posters, and preventing British MP George Galloway from entering Canada.

More recently students have mobilized in condemnation of the genocide of the Tamil people, and protested George W Bush visiting Calgary and Toronto. Student activists continue confronting meetings of Canadian-Latin America mining corporations, and registering vocal opposition to Canada's free-trade agreement with fascistic Colombia. Solidarity campaigns with Haiti deplore Canada's police occupation. A continued campaign demands Omar Khadr's repatriation, the young Canadian and last 'Western National' in the US Guantanamo Bay torture camp. Environmental activists are exposing the Alberta Tar Sands, catastrophic strip-mining for energy resources.
Triumphs like those of Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, and El Salvador's FMLN victory inspire Canadian youth. The Canadian Federation of Students recently demanded the Cuban Five's release, calls Quebec student unions also support.

The Young Communist League - Ligue de la jeunesse communiste is active in these struggles and militating for socialism. The way forward is fighting - building a broad and powerful people's movement against the Harper Conservatives, and all our oppressors, and winning a bold direction centered not on corporate greed but peace, ecological sustainability and the people's needs!
The Youth are the Future, the Future is Socialism!

On the new French military base in UAE

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy opened a new military bases for France in the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf region. This is the first base for France in that region, in a signal for its imperialist intentions as a country looking for domination and more exploitation through military means.

USA and the UK also have several bases in that region with tens of thousands of troops spread across the region in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and United Arab Emirates. This huge military presence has one and only one goal: control over those oil rich countries and guaranteeing the easy and cheap reach for their resources.

WFDY condemns this new move by France, and asks for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the countries of the Gulf and the dismantling of all imperialist military in the world.

WFDY believes in world peace, where the people determine their destiny and have their basic rights without the interventions of foreign troops and the implications of the policies of the imperialist countries. The resources of the region should be controlled by its people, and its benefits should be used for the development of those countries, for their education and health systems, and not to fund the military industries of USA, UK, France and other countries.

WFDY expresses its solidarity with the people of the region and calls for the continuation of the struggle for a peaceful democratic Gulf region free of military bases and foreign troops.